Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Project Life Essentials

So I have been posting a ton of my Project Life style pocket pages on my YouTube channel. I have been enjoying the process and looking at the end result. I have gotten a lot of comments about people liking PL, having the products but they just haven't started. I think because it can seem overwhelming. I love the concept of the pocket pages more than I am a fan of a daily photo with minimal embellishment. I think the idea of Project Life is amazing and I think it's awesome that Becky Higgins created this new scrapbooking format! I appreciate that this idea was geared towards the people who wanted to scrapbook but just couldn't find the time. It is a fun, easy and fast way to put your photos together in an album. My interpretation of Project Life however is adapted to me and my style of scrapbooking. I make time for scrapbooking because it is my hobby and I love it! I want my pages to pop and the more embellishment, the more I like it! :) I do not take a picture a day as Project Life was intended, sometimes I might do so, however, sometimes I might take 20 pictures per day. To me, it doesn't matter how many pictures I take, what matters to me is that I take them and document my life with them. The pockets allow me to take an individual box and add photo's, journaling and embellishments. Some of the pockets may be independent of the others, some times they may connect together to tell a story. Either way, I enjoy this method of scrapbooking. I hope that people try it out, that they don't become overwhelmed with thinking that they have to take a picture a day, because they don't, its their scrapbook, document it as it best works for them. The pocket pages are just a means to conveying and documenting your life, not a dictation of how it is supposed to be done. :)  

I decided to put together my list of items that I like to use when I am working on my pocket pages. I hope this helps anyone who is interested in starting this type of scrapbooking! 

My go to items for working on pocket pages:
The app PicFrame and my Selphy printer. I size my photos in PicFrame so that they fit in the pockets. I print the photo's at home on my Selphy photo printer. 
My essential tools. I use all of these tools every time I scrap the pocket pages.
On to the fun stuff!! I use enamel dots, washi tape, the new SC gold embellishments, flair and stamps.
I also use a ton of labels. I love to staple them on with my tiny attacher. 
Can't believe I forgot to put this in the photo with my essential tools! 
Wood veneer's are a big trend and I do like to include these on my pages as well; although not as much as I used to.
I also love, love, love using overlays!!! I recently made a few myself using staz on ink and transparency. I still have a lot of tweeking to do before they are this pretty but I just love the look the overlays give to my photos.
I always use a ton of sticker letters in my pockets. I love the look they give the pockets. I do handwrite  my journaling but the sticker letters just POP whatever they spell out.
This one is obvious and I almost didn't include it but....I decided to anyway. I like to have a variety of pocket pages, however I do have my favorites A and D. I wish Becky Higgins made another configuration for more horizontal pockets....hopefully she will. I also like the ease that having actual Project Life cards gives me by being the right size for the pockets. I do use other brands of cards which I always have to cut down and is super annoying. I also sometimes make my own cards out of pattern paper. I was subscribed to the Studio Calico kits, but after 3 months, they stopped sending them to me....I have no idea why. It's ok because I wasn't a big fan anyways. Sometimes joining a kit club makes the process easier as well, this takes out the step of choosing papers and cutting them down. The cards are ready to go and they usually all coordinate together in the kit. 
I'm also including a picture of my desk and hopefully you can see that everything I use is in arm's length. I don't like to get up and search around my room for my scrapbooking stuff. I'm also a digger so I like piles and stuff out of their packages. (on another note, my mat looks a bit yucky-I'm in the market for an new one, I want the American Crafts aqua colored one)

Now, here are a few things I've found that I do not use a lot in my pocket pages.
I love the look of mists on 12x12 layouts however I find that I do not like to use them in my pocket scrapbooking. 

Sticker labels is another embellishment I find that I do not use a ton of. I have so many, I'm not sure why I don't use them more.....I need to :) 

I can probably count on one hand how many times I have used tags in my pocket pages. I prefer the smaller tags that just peek out from behind a photo or embellishment, however I just don't use them often.

I hope whomever this post reaches, it helps in some way to think about starting to scrapbook the pocket way :) Thanks for visiting my little blog. 



  1. Wow, super informative post for PL. I love seeing all your pics and choices! I feel like I know where everything is in your space now. Cheri, I use PicFrame and I just bought a Selphy (hence my recent 12x12 LOs…) ;) Great minds think alike! Next on my list is that tiny attacher…I've been wanting one for forever!

    1. Thanks Sherri! Great minds do think alike!! I hope to do a video about this information too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great post Cheri! I am getting amped to try PL again. Love all of the info you give here. Your pages are always so fun

    1. thanks Stephanie! :) I hope you try it again, I really enjoy it. thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I just recently stumbled upon one of your YouTube videos, can't remember how but I'm glad I did. I was wondering if you could tell me what are the little "labels" in the picture above the tiny attacher? I've seen them in your PL videos but am not familiar with what they are or where purchase them. They seem to coordinate so well. Also where do you normally get your smaller letter stickers? You pair them nicely with the larger Thickers type letters.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

    1. Hi Sandy! So glad you found my channel :) The labels are a mixture of Chic Tags, October Afternoon, Evalicious and random other companies. I like to keep them all in one container. I purchased the Chic Tags from the website and the Evalicious tags from her website. the October Afternoon labels I purchased from random scrapbook sites. The little rectangle shaped letter stickers are October Afternoon mini markets. The glittery gold letters are from Michaels. Let me know if you have any other questions, I'm glad to help :) thanks for checking out my blog too!!